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Your Next Sales Meeting
By Mike Philie

A quick note to all sales leaders about your next sales meeting. When I observe some of the leading companies, there are three things that their sales teams are always working on — finding new customers, adding services and depth to existing relationships, and breaking out of the commodity trap. As you fill out your agenda for the next meeting, it’s important that you touch on these three areas.

The result from new business development is making current non-buyers into buyers. A good place to start is making sure that your team is chasing the right type of customers for your business. All customers can be good, but some are just better than others. Make sure that everyone understands what your ideal client looks like and that they have the proper tools to find them. Convert prospects into clients. Cashing checks … you get the message.

Adding depth to existing client relationships and customer retention are key objectives for account management. Each account is different and should be treated accordingly. Talk about the plans that are in place for your key accounts and make sure that they are on track to reach your goals.

Don’t assume that everyone understands how to best stay out of the commodity spiral. Focus on solving customer problems, and the tools and experience you have in place to help. If you aren’t solving a problem that you’ve worked to help identify, you’re faced with reacting to someone else’s agenda. This can also lead to simply completing someone’s spreadsheet with your prices. That’s it, just your pricing. Good luck with that. Adding value and staying relevant are two keys to de-commoditization. Make sure that you include this at all your sales meetings.

You’ve got a few discussion points for your next session. The purpose of this brief message was to remind you to “connect” these points to the relative and meaningful tasks that we ask the reps to accomplish every day. Good luck and have fun at your next meeting.

I welcome any thoughts or questions; please add them below or reach out to me directly.

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Originally published in Printing Impressions.


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