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Your Growing Sales Team
By Mike Philie

Your Growing Sales Team

You might call it a hybrid sales team but that doesn’t mean it’s a new electric model. It’s what you have when you combine the sales force that got you where you are with the sales force that will get you to where you want to go.


There are many areas to consider in building this parallel effort within your business. While you value the team that you have, you realize that you need to change the approach to growing the business. Who do you hire and where do you find these people? Are they experienced in all things print or are they experienced in all things in connecting with clients? They may come from internships, clients, and suppliers or even from outside the industry. How do you make your company the place to work at, how will you pay them, how will you support them, who will they call on, what’s the sales process you want them to follow and how can you increase the odds of your mutual success? I know, so many questions.


This is your chance to hit the reset button without causing a major distraction to your existing sales organization. Some of the “must haves” and the “nice to haves” in building out this team would include:

  • Looking for this type of candidate is a new venture for most. You won’t be looking in the same places and you won’t be looking for the same kind of talent either. Use your networks, use LinkedIn and other sites proactively and making your company the place people want to work at are key drivers.
  • You must clearly define what you are looking for and articulate your expectations and what success looks like for both you and the sales rep.
  • These people will be inquisitive, and they know how to engage clients to uncover opportunities. They will meet clients face to face, through virtual and real-time networking opportunities and leverage their contacts to find new opportunities. They will have a good business sense and be comfortable in making the best business case for your company to win new accounts. They will wake up every morning with a drive to grow the business.
  • Utilize one of the various assessment tools available. Use them to validate or question your thoughts, assist you during the interview process and to use as a coaching guide once the person has been added to your team.
  • Review the type of leadership, training and coaching (yes, there is a difference between these three) you can and need to provide and fill in any gaps you uncover so this initiative will have the best chance of being successful.
  • Be prepared to lead this group in a different manner than your legacy, existing sales force. Most of these reps are motivated in a different way, and see themselves in a different business than your legacy team.
  • Have a plan to integrate these new reps into your existing culture and infrastructure but don’t be afraid to change things up a bit.


I’ve asked more questions than provided solutions in this post. Give them some thought and see how they might apply to your business. I’m happy to discuss how you’re making out with this if you’d like. Give it a go, good luck, and have fun.


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