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Your 30 Day Plan
By Mike Philie

What will you and your team get accomplished in the next 30 days? Rather, what will you get done that will make a significant impact on your business? Leading organizations always have things brewing. It might be rolling out an updated website, new sales presentations, or maybe a way to streamline the path to get orders into the plant through an automation project. If you are working off of a 30-60-90 action plan, you’ll be in a position to implement important initiatives every month. There are some leadership teams I’m aware of that have tasked themselves with rolling out 1-2 new initiatives every month. How many did you get done this month — this quarter?

It’s not really a 30 day plan. It’s a 30-60-90 project plan that is broken out by the key areas of your business. For each segment of time, there is the project description, an assigned owner, a status indicator, a due date and an area for notes. For example, you might have projects working in operations, sales, leadership, financial or human resources. And while the project owner isn’t responsible for doing all the work, they are the ones that own the project. Those responsibilities include leading the project and reporting back to the team on the project’s status. The project could be on track, stalled, or in trouble. It’s all meant to help you get things done.

I know your business is not like this, but believe it or not, there are some that have a difficult time completing projects. While they have the best intentions, they just can’t cross the finish line with projects. They get busy with something else, the novelty wears off, or they are just members of the “Flavor of the Month Club.” Whatever your situation, try the 30-60-90 project plan and see if it helps you and your team accomplish even more great things for your business.

There are many challenges in running a successful business, and it’s not getting easier any time soon. Depending on your unique situation, this simple idea may be very helpful in keeping your projects on task, organized, and holding everyone accountable for what you set forth to accomplish.

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