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Why You Should Develop Your Next Level Leadership Team
By Mike Philie

Printing company owners like to say that their people are a key differentiator for them in the marketplace. They hire the best available, and have the most loyal employees around. Within that group of capable team members, there are those that stand out from the rest. Some of these leaders are official, and some are not, but both have a huge impact on how things go within your organization. It’s in your best interest to identify and nurture these influencers into your next level leadership team.

We have talked plenty about the need to develop and strengthen your senior leadership team. The reality is they can’t do it all by themselves. They need those on-the-floor leaders to help implement and execute the ideas that take your company to the next level. Most organizations speak about how they develop their people and provide opportunities for advancement. Creating this next level leadership team further aligns that intent with an action plan.

A word of caution here. Just because a person was your best operator, doesn’t necessarily mean they will be your best supervisor or team lead. Once you have identified those that you feel could make that next step, provide them with the necessary leadership training for them to be successful in their new role. At times it might be the 1:1 people skills or the administrative portion of the job that they need help with. Either way, make sure that they are adequately prepared to succeed.

This training can be done in-house if you have the structure and staff to implement it, or you can utilize an outside resource. Many have turned to their payroll or HR services provider to bring in professional training offerings. I’ve seen these in the form of self-paced online training modules, all the way through to in-person training for small groups. Lean on the resources available to your business to provide the best possible outcome for your team. Truth is, you are probably already paying for these services whether you use them or not.

There are added benefits of promoting and recognizing these leaders. You’ll see a higher level of employee engagement from these newly minted leaders and your team will witness the career advancement opportunities within your organization. That’s not a bad thing.

You can strengthen the overall structure of your business with a solid team. A team dedicated to your mission, vision and the core values that makes your company a winner. This renewed emphasis on staff development and departmental leadership can have a positive influence on morale as well as overall job performance. If you have experienced other ways to develop your next level leadership team, please add them in the comments or reach out to me to discuss. Good luck.

Mike Philie can help validate what’s working and what may need to change in your business. Changing the trajectory of a business is difficult to do while simultaneously operating the core competencies. Mike provides strategy and insight to owners and CEOs in the Graphic Communications Industry by providing direct and realistic assessments, not being afraid to voice the unpopular opinion and helping leaders navigate change through a common sense and practical approach. Learn more at www.philiegroup.comLinkedIn or email at


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