Restock Your Sales Team’s Toolkit

Most likely, your latest offset press or digital device required special tools for maintenance or repair. As a result, you would make sure that operators had everything they needed. Having the right tools to do the job can make the work look effortless. Watch a good carpenter build or fix something and you’ll see that […]


Top-Performing Companies Connect the Dots for Customer Success

This blog originally published in Printing Impressions.   Characteristics of top-performing companies cover a broad range of areas. While very few are exactly like, it been my experience that they do share many similar themes. These characteristics are woven into the fabric of who they are and how they operate. They are not from a textbook, […]


Validate Your Seat at the Table

This blog originally published in Printing Impressions.   You probably have varying levels of relationships with your customer base. I’m not referencing whether or not you have become friends with your customer, but rather, what level of business relationship have you earned? There are three progressive tiers that I like to look at. And while […]