Finding Your Way When There’s No Clear Path

It’s been tough sledding out there. You’re focused on lives and livelihoods with no clear roadmap or weather forecast. Dealing with uncertainty, you’ve managed to clean, organize the plant and produce the work that’s come in. For many it has been a 20% to 80% decrease in revenue, with no clarity for the weeks ahead. […]


Top-Performing Companies Connect the Dots for Customer Success

This blog originally published in Printing Impressions.   Characteristics of top-performing companies cover a broad range of areas. While very few are exactly like, it been my experience that they do share many similar themes. These characteristics are woven into the fabric of who they are and how they operate. They are not from a textbook, […]


3 Keys for Your Go-To-Market Playbook

This blog originally published in Printing Impressions   Having a plan is important, right? We all need a plan. The difference between having a client-facing, go-to-market plan that identifies and delivers the meaningful and relevant things that make a difference to your prospects and clients and not having one can be the difference between sustained growth […]