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Project of the Month
By Mike Philie

Does your organization struggle with accomplishing tasks? Client jobs you do fine with but those key objectives that your management team compiled, prioritized and set timelines and ownership to are the ones that seem to hold up progress. Here are some of the issues I’m seeing as I work with client teams.


The Structure

Face it, there’s a lot going on at your company these days. The rate and pace of change hasn’t let up and no one expects it to anytime soon. So, waiting for things to slow downfor a while so that you can work on the business probably is not going to happen. With the right structure in your planning process, you’ll have a better opportunity to stay focused on the key things that will move the needle for your business. Give your team a running shot of success by keeping things simple, clear and focused. Don’t overcomplicate things. Share your vision for the company in a way that everyone can understand-and ask for confirmation that they heard you. Define the tasks into actionable steps and prioritize them into 30-60-90 day objectives.


Who Does What

Clearly define the roles and responsibilities for tackling these objectives and make sure that folks are clear on their authority to take action. Empower them so that they will take ownership of the issues, otherwise it’ll end up right back on your desk. Provide an environment where they can freely share their thoughts about the issues, the solutions and any impediments they find along the way. You don’t want people just telling you what you want to hear-well, maybe you do, but I encourage you not to.


The First Encounter

The issues you’re taking on weren’t created overnight and they probably won’t be fixed overnight. It may seem to take longer than you would expect it to, so regular check-ins can help monitor the progress and make sure that all is on track. Now, even the best laid plans have setbacks and modifications. It was Mike Tyson, I believe, that said “everyone has a plan until I punch them in the mouth.” So, be prepared. The best plans often turn out not being plan A, but rather, your plan B.


This could be hard to accomplish and you will certainly face some setbacks. Watching the industry leaders though, you can see that these companies do all the things that others said were too hardto accomplish. Focus on the milestones and the incremental gains along the way. Don’t give up.


This is more than executing a to-do list. It’s about communicating your vision, achieving buy-in and alignment by your key staff and working together to make a positive impact on the business. Good luck with this and let me know how you’re making out.


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