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Company Goals Can Create a Sense of Urgency and Focus
By Mike Philie

Just as a ship relies on a compass and navigation tools to get from here to there, a business needs those same tools. A business relies on the goals to get from the current state to their future state – getting from here to there. Once the goals are established, the leadership team identifies the key initiatives that need to be achieved within a certain time frame. These wins provide the oxygen needed for the company to thrive. Sounds easy and clear cut, right?

Establishing relevant goals can be difficult for the best of teams. Debate over whether the goal is too high, or not high enough, can be nauseating. The goal though, is just the beginning. Once set, the hard work begins. How will they achieve the goal? Who needs to be involved? How long will it take? These are just a few of the issues to be mapped out. There are many ways to break down these activities, from using a flow chart or spreadsheet, all the way to using templated planning sheets from one of the business management systems available. Each company typically has their favorite and I really haven’t seen one perform better than the other.

The goal though, is to have a goal. Establishing the future state of the business helps to create a sense of teamwork. The goal can provide the focus needed to cut through the noise of the day-to-day activity. Identifying the time frame to reach the goal, helps to create a sense of urgency.

We all know that common sense isn’t always common practice. And just as with setting goals and timelines, while it may look to be common sense, it isn’t always practiced. Setting goals is a good idea in the best of times, it’s even a better idea in times of uncertainty. Gather your team and set aside the time necessary to work on your business. Create the goals that you feel will take you from here to there – intentionally.

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Originally published in Printing Impressions.


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