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Bumps in the Road
By Mike Philie

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s working your strategic plan or a sales plan, that point where you say to yourself, “I still believe in the plan but we’re not making the progress that we should be making.” Your business results may be satisfactory but you’ve hit a ceiling. Generally, not a time to panic but rather to objectively assess where you are in the process. It’s a good time to get your team together and have a candid discussion about your progress, what some of the stumbling blocks are and brainstorm how you can overcome this setback.


What’s in Your Way

Your people, your plan and your teams’ perseverance are three of the critical factors that companies focus on to transform their business. You may be trying to grow revenue or trying to change the company to one that enjoys a relevantand strategicposition with their clients.


Your people are the heart and soul of your business. It’s important to establish your expectations and determine how you’ll evaluate them regarding their overall fit within your business, their performance and contribution to your ultimate success?


Your plan includes targeted goals and milestones, a definition of your core business and any other initiatives you might have, your growth and diversity opportunities and how you’ll use technology to connect and enable all of these dots?


Perseverance, the last of the three P’s. This can be the area that puts the test to you and your team. Here are a six key elements of this section:

  1. Execution, execution, execution
  2. Most original plans fail to meet their objectives so…
  3. Watch, listen and adapt
  4. Keeping score and taking action
  5. Make the difficult decisions
  6. Execution

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